By Alexandria Hoff

PHOENIXVILLE, Pa. (CBS) —  In a spot ready to air during Sunday’s game, the NFL celebrates “Super Bowl Babies,” 2nd generation fans born nine months after their teams took home their respective titles.

The commercial includes multiple age groups in team colors, an appearance by Seal, a parody of his song ‘Kiss From A Rose’ and in Black and Gold, Tanya Young of Royersford.

Young is a Phoenixville Area High School graduate who was born on November 27th, 1976 and has had to stomach exactly what being a ‘Super Bowl Baby’ means.

“Mom you can answer that!” she shouted with a laugh while sharing the couch with her mother. Behind them the wall is covered in Steelers fan gear.

“Tell you the truth, I don’t remember the moment!” her mother joked back.

Let’s just say that Young’s passion for the Pittsburgh Steelers is only outdone by the passionate post-game celebration of her parents following Super Bowl 10 played in January of 1976.

The Steelers beat Dallas: 21-17.

The circumstances of her conception were brought to light when a Steelers fan club put out a notice for those with birthdays falling in a certain range. With the help of a fight song written by her mom, Tayna made an audition tape and then the final cut. Last month she spent three full days shooting the commercial between Pittsburgh and New York.

“The babies that were crying which was so funny… then to see the complete video it was amazing. It was very clever concept and hen having Seal in it because it’s his song, amazing,” she said.

Though they do live in Eagles country, the women make no apologies. Clearly, they owe a lot to that Super Bowl win.

As for Philadelphia fans, there is a bright side to never taking home a Super Bowl title. That is, we don’t have to explain to our kids what a Super Bowl Baby is and better yet, never have to think about being one.

Alexandria Hoff