PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Conservative commentator Jeffrey Lord, who is also the author of What America Needs: The Case For Trump, defended the New York billionaire against charges from critics that he is out of step ideologically with the Republican party.

Talking with Dom Giordano on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, Lord insisted that Trump is the voice of the people in this election cycle.

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“I really do think that he is the candidate of change here, that’s what he represents to a lot of people. People are, I think it’s safe to say, fed up out there and one of the things that I think is very important and is really driving this is a political sense, you have the usual economic issues, which are huge, or as we say in Trump land, Yuge! Of course, foreign policy, ISIS, national security, all these kind of things, but I think what’s different this year is the absolute fury over political correctness, which I think has been building for years.”

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He expressed his satisfaction with Trump’s stance on the issues and dismissed calls that he is not conservative enough.

“I certainly have been talking to Donald Trump for several years and he was saying, back when I first met him in 2013, exactly what he’s saying now. He was pro-life. He was saying exactly the same thing about China in trade. He was saying the same thing to me about immigration. I think that he has evolved. It’s very important to say here, do I think he is Reaganesque in some ways? Yes I do. Is he Ronald Reagan? No two human souls are alike. He isn’t Ronald Reagan. He’s Donald Trump.”

Regarding Trump’s tussle with Megyn Kelly and FOX News regarding questions posed at previous debates, Lord stated that to a large portion of America, FOX News is what is not conservative enough.

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“FOX News, if you’re, sort of, in the political culture of New York and Washington, the journalistic corridor, FOX News is the ‘conservative channel.’ Once you get out of there and you’re in places like where I live here in central Pennsylvania and, I was certainly hearing this from a CNN reporter in Iowa who was talking to regular Iowa folks, they do not view FOX News as all that conservative. They look at it filled with Bush people and some liberal Democrats. Other than Sean Hannity and, probably, Eric Bolling on the Five, and Neil Cavuto, they see the thing as, essentially, establishment land, Bush land, etc.”