Philadelphia (CBS) – Chris Stigall talked with comedian and former Executive Producer of the Daily Show, Rory Albanese, about how Jon Stewart’s show evolved into taking on and reacting to how cable news covered politics.

Albanese was critical of how news coverage has changed but said it was cathartic to be in a role that could respond to their reporting.

“It was fun at times. If you go home at night and you watch something on the news and you feel like throwing your shoe at the TV, my job used to be like, oh I don’t have to throw my shoe at the TV, I can just go to work tomorrow and write some scathing review of what they did here and take them down. What that turned into was people, then, turning to to us, what do you guys have to say about it? It kind of makes me sad. I really wish that the news media and the Comedy Central shows weren’t in competition. But look, they’re just trying to get ratings.”