By Tim Jimenez

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Days after the big snowstorm, problems persist in the region.

Some blocks are still stuck in the snow.

One of them is Bancroft Street, just off of Tasker, where around six inches covered up the blacktop.

Jay lives on the street. He says, “We’ve been snowed in since Saturday. Up to today I don’t even think you could possibly get a plow down here. So my car’s been parked on here, I haven’t been able to move it.”

Jay says good thing for him is he doesn’t need his car because he hops on the Subway, but knows for others that isn’t the case.”

“But for other people who’ve got to work, I know it’s got to be tough.”

School is also back in session in South Philadelphia and across the region. That means kids out and about, walking around in the snow and long-time crossing guard Mary says antsy drivers just have to wait.

“The children and people crossing the street, that’s my number one priority. You know, if you’re late for work, I’m sorry.”