PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Radio host and cable news contributor Alan Colmes accused Donald Trump of successfully signalling to white racists voters to gain their support in the Republican presidential primary.

Speaking with Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, Colmes said Trump is tapping into their discontent and exploiting their fears.


“Trump appeals to a very different breed. Trump is not appealing to millennials. He’s appealing to old, angry white people and dog whistling to racists is what Trump is doing…You’ve got white supremacist groups supporting him. You’ve got David Duke supporting him. You’ve got white separatists supporting him. You’ve got him re-tweeting neo-nazis on Twitter…There’s a broad base of support but he’s also dog whistling to white supremacists.”

While providing analysis of the last Democratic debate, Colmes stated Bernie Sanders is legitimate and his campaign is a significant threat to win the nomination.

“He’s the real deal, alright. You can tell by the people who go to his rallies. He’s as much the real deal as Trump is on the other side. People want to call Bernie radical but look at the stuff Trump is saying. He wants to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it. Not going to happen. He wants to deport nine million undocumented immigrants. Not going to happen. He’s got no real policies. He’s flip-flopped on everything. He was a liberal ten minutes ago. You want to talk about how radical Bernie is, look at [Texas Senator Ted] Cruz. Look at the other side. He wants to make the sand glow in the Middle East, talk about radical. Bernie is much more mainstream than the leading candidates on the right.”

He also defended Hillary Clinton against attacks to her character.

“I don’t think Mrs. Clinton is dishonest about who she is. I know the rap against her, somehow, that she’s a liar, she’s dishonest and that’s what the opposition is going to say. Does everybody have the same position they’ve had on everything 20 years ago? No. Did she ever make a mistake? Yes. She voted for the war in Iraq and she shouldn’t have. Do I agree with everybody that I may like and vote for on every position? Of course not. There’s no perfect candidate.”

Colmes rejected claims that the differences between Clinton and Sanders will have long term consequences to Democrats, insisting a real divide does exist among Republicans.

“I think the real schism is on the right. You’ve got the establishment lane of the Republican party, you’ve got the Trumpians and the Cruzians and you’ve got Republicans freaking out. Look what the National Review just did. 22 essays from people who are horrified with the notion that Donald Trump could be the nominee. The real schism from my vantage point is on the Republican side.”