By Cherri Gregg

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The snow party is over, but there’s a big mess to clean up. Philadelphia residents spent the day shoveling out from under the nearly two feet of snow dumped in the area.

With narrow streets and an abundance of cars, the 20-plus inches of snow dumped on the city means there’s snow everywhere, but no place to put it.

“It’s the worse I’ve seen,” one busy shoveler observed.

Jim patrungalo has a contract with city streets, he’s taken his plow all across South Philadelphia and says this clean up effort is tough.

Residents say the dig out process could take more than an hour since many cars are wedged in thanks to street plows and sidewalk shoveling.The city asks that folks stay off the roads so it’s 400-plus plows can do their job.

If you see a down car or other obstacles in the street, call the city by dialing 311.