By Chris Stigall and Dom Giordano

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The conservative website and magazine National Review has publicly broken with Donald Trump, publishing a series of pieces from high profile columnists describing why Trump is neither conservative nor an appropriate representative for the Republican party.

Andrew McCarthy explained to Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT that Trump is out of step with the values the party stands for.


“I think a lifelong hard left supporting progressive, who has taken anti-conservative positions is not an appropriate vessel for the anger that conservatives feel at the betrayal of the Republican establishment between what they say they are going to do in elections and what they produce when they get to Washington. That anger, the fact that I don’t think Trump is an appropriate vehicle for it, doesn’t mean that the anger isn’t real, that it’s not worthy of respect and that we oughtn’t find an appropriate vehicle for it.”

He is also very worried about Trump’s grasp of the battle against terrorism.

“Even in the last couple of weeks, the position that we should stay out of the Middle East and let Putin, who is an anti-American thug, take care of ISIS, then changing and saying that he’s going to bomb ISIS to smithereens, in the meantime, when he gets asked about ISIS, he doesn’t even know who the head of ISIS is…There are a couple of fairly important jihadists, especially people like the head of Hezbollah and the head of Al Qaeda who have been killing Americans for 20 or 30 years. I would think if you want to be Commander-in-Chief, that you might want to know who the players were, even without a scorecard. But I don’t think he even knows who the teams are.”

Meanwhile, another National Review contributor, Jim Geraghty, told Dom Giordano that looking ahead to a Trump presidency contains far too many variables to even begin to adequately assess the consequences.


“At this point, a Trump presidency is this giant jack-in-the-box and we don’t know what’s coming out. It’s a giant unknown because he doesn’t have a governing record. He doesn’t have a voting record. The guy has never voted in a Republican primary before, by the way. Somebody observed this bizarre moment in which the Republicans may nominate somebody who has never run as a Republican before and, conceivably, the Democrats could nominate somebody who has never run as a Democrat before in Bernie Sanders.”