By John McDevitt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The same dangers we face with extreme cold and snow, our four-legged friends face too…and then some.

The salt melt ice could burn your dog’s feet according to Dr. Ken Drobatz. He works in emergency services at the University of Pennsylvania vet hospital.

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He says if you can train your dog to wear protective booties that would be great, but good luck….that’s a big feat:

“They protect the feet and the dogs hate it, and that’s a whole different story, but if you have those booties and they tolerate it, yeah that’s the best way to go.

He says also be careful of those icy patches. Just like we can fall, they can too:

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“I certainly seen animals fall, especially if they are running on ice and they can dislocate their hips. So you got to be careful.”

Dr. Drobatz says antifreeze is poisonous and tastes sweet to animals. If you suspect your pet has ingested it, you need to act fast and get them to the vet.

Also he says watch out for cats that may have snuggled in a wheel well or near your vehicle’s engine to keep warm. You may want to bang on the hood a couple of times to make sure its animal free before you take off.

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And Penn Vet recommends short-coated and small breed dogs wear a sweater or coat to keep them warm when going outside.