PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Ed Klein, author of the book Unlikeable: The Problem with Hillary, insists that Hillary Clinton will continue her run for President even if she is criminally charged for housing State Department emails on her private email server.

Klein told Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT that the Clinton campaign believes they can out-maneuver whatever challenges come their way.

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“She can be indicted on three separate issues. Let’s say she is indicted on all those issues, or some of those issues. Now she’s the nominee indicted. What does she do? My reporting, according to the people I’ve spoken to in her inner circle, is she has no intention of stepping down. What she is going to say is, first of all, in America you are innocent until proven guilty, number one. Number two, we’ve been through this before, we Clintons. The House voted to impeach my husband and he was exonerated, so I’m going to be exonerated. Number three, the American people have spoken, 18 million people have voted for me to be the nominee, that’s the will of the people, I’m not giving up. In my view, she is going to try to continue to run even under indictment.”

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He also remains committed to claims of a strained relationship between the Clinton’s and Barack Obama, but still thinks the President will support her run for the White House.

“The President is really in a bind. Is he going to throw Hillary under the bus? If he does, what are his alternatives? Does he have anybody else to run for the Democratic presidential nomination. The answer at this point is really, kind of, no.”

Klein rejected claims from Clinton supporters that the FBI investigation into her email server is politically motivated.

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“What they’re saying is, this is really a Republican effort on the part of Barack Obama…Barack Obama is really a secret agent of the Republican party out to get poor old Hillary Clinton.”