PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Chris Stigall reacted to Sarah Palin’s endorsement of Donald Trump for President by criticizing the former Alaska Governor for sacrificing conservative values for expediency in the hope Trump can beat the Democratic nominee for the White House in November.

Stigall, on Talk Radio 1210, said Trump is not a real conservative and can’t be expected to govern conservatively.

“Please, Sarah Palin, please, conservatives, don’t tell me that on the day this guy is stumping for doubling up on farm subsidies, crony capitalism at its best, don’t then tell me this is the real conservative to go bust up Washington. Sarah Palin, don’t land in Iowa, just after Trump starts stumping for crony capitalism and telling me this is the real conservative. He can be a lot of things. Call him what you want. Call him the most electable. Call his the best deal maker. Call him the guy that’s going to build the wall and you’re happy he’s keeping illegals out. Fine. Just be honest. Please be honest. Stop lying to me and yourself about what he is and who he is. Stop lying. I’m tired of the lies. Call him what he is. Be intellectually honest. Analyze Trump for who he is. He’s got his good points. He’s got his bad. But you people that think people who think he’s pure-as-the wind-driven-snow conservative are out of your mind.”