PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Two legal experts squared off in a debate on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT as part of the Dom Giordano Show debating whether Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz is a natural born citizen and eligible to serve as President.

Cruz has long dismissed challenges to his eligibility, and Christine Flowers, an immigration lawyer and political columnist, agrees, while also pointing out that much of the chatter about his status is generated by political opponents.

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“I have a problem with the motivation…of a lot of the scholars, the social internet scholars, who, I think, have a political motivation in saying that, for example, President Obama was not a US citizen, John McCain was not a US citizen and now Ted Cruz. This is a much more esoteric issue than either of the two issues involving and Obama and McCain. This is a very specific issue as to what are the parameters of being a natural born US citizen.”

Mary Brigid McManamon, a constitutional law professor at Widener’s Delaware Law School, disagrees about the eligibility of Cruz to be President, but says only one of his political opponents would have the standing to challenge him in court.

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“The voters have what they call a generalized grievance and you’re not allowed to sue if your injuries are exactly the same as everyone else’s is.”


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