By Alexandria Hoff

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Raheemah Shamsid-Deen-Hampton is one of over 200,000 Muslims living in Philadelphia.

“When you are growing up as a child in Islam, you’re not really clear, or have a clear understanding of why you can’t, and there are things that are celebrated but you are not.”

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Michael Rashid, of Philadelphia EID Coalition says, “We already recognize the Christian holidays. Christmas is like a no brainer, Easter is a no brainer, the Jewish holidays are recognized and by recognized we mean there is a city holiday for the school system, city workers are let off and get holiday pay for that.”

Starting this year, New York City public schools will have two additional days off to account for the Muslim observance of Eid.

This week, hundreds in Philadelphia will be rallying around city council to do the same.

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Rashid says, “I hope these people come out and they wear their uniforms… police, fire, nurses. I’ll have on my business suit and even though I’m retired, I’ll put on my suit again to show, ‘hey, we are Americans just like you, born and raised in America.”

The political climate for those of the Islamic faith has been undoubtedly polarizing as of late, so the community is prepared for some pushback.

Raheemah Shamsid-Deen-Hampton, “There are a number of people who have the wrong idea of what Islam is and we just have to be reminded of what our pillars are and what we stand on, and that some of the things happening is not Islam.”

Osama Al-Qasem, President of the Counsel of American Islamic Relations says, “We have pain and joy and sorrow like them, like everybody, so all these myths and misinformation can be dispelled by simple conversation over dinner.”

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The two holidays, which would mean a day off for all, fall on different days each year. A five-year calendar has been presented to the city.