PHILADELPHIA (CBS) —  A new potato chip flavor based on the single most popular menu item at one Philadelphia staple will be on store shelves soon.

Herr’s has announced its new chip flavor, Chickie’s and Pete’s Famous Crabfries, is scheduled to hit the market sometime in March.

The Pennsylvania-based potato chip company confirmed the news over the weekend.

The description on the bag describes the flavor as “seasoned potato chips with white creamy cheese sauce flavoring.”

(photo credit Herr's)

(photo credit Herr’s)

The real-deal Chickie’s crabfries are famous for their blend of seasonings, including Old Bay, and come with a melty cheese sauce on the side for dipping purposes.

Herr’s says it has just started introducing the crabfries flavor to retailers.

The new chips will be available in 2.875 ounce bags at $1.49 each.

Chickie’s and Pete’s has been a Philly favorite for decades and is known for its crabfries. There are eight locations in Philadelphia and New Jersey.
It’s even been voted #1 Sports Bar on the East Coast by ESPN.

Herr’s is a Pennsylvania-based company and has a wide variety of flavors, including Pizza, Pennsylvania Dutch and Jalapeno.