By Dom Giordano

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – This Martin Luther King Day my mind turns to a men’s pickup league in Jenkintown that Luke and I joined last week. I was invited to play by a top doctor that I met through the radio station. Last week as he were on the sidelines , he remarked to me that the league they formed was what America is all about.

The leagues is a mix of men of all ages and races. The banter is usually about not being able to touch the rim any more, crossover a defender, or reach the rim on a three. These guys choose up sides based on size and ability. They talk together easily about families, network through their businesses and churches.

Isn’t this league exactly the vision of Dr. King ? It is a natural blend of guys with the common interest of staying in shape and satisfying their competitive juices. It is another example of how far things have changed for the better in America.

In fact, one of my biggest criticisms of the annual King Day celebrations is that they dwell on the negatives. The racial scorecards that are given miss the progress that is being made and the progress will increase the more people rub elbows in situations like my basketball league. This is what is really happening in America .

The only problem with this league is due to me. I tried too much of a reverse layup the first week and my knee is now suspect.

Happy Martin Luther King Day!