By RJ McKay

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Curtis Symphony Orchestra will perform at Verizon Hall on January 31st.

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Conor Grey Covington, conducting fellow at the Curtis Institute, talks about the program.

“We have three pieces on the program. First is the Busoni, Berceuse élégiaque. We get much bigger with the Berio, Sinfonia and then we end the program with Mahler’s first symphony.”

Covington gives more details about the concert.

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“One of the interesting things about the program is kind of the thread that runs through it and the thread is really Mahler. The Busoni was premiered in Carnegie Hall by the New York Philharmonic and Mahler conducting. And then in the Berio the third movement based entirely on the Scherzo to Mahler’s second symphony and then obviously it ends with Mahler’s first symphony.”

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