By Rahel Solomon

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) —  Netflix’s new docu-series, Making A Murderer, is now making headlines.

It follows a Wisconsin man, Steven Avery, as he’s convicted of raping and assaulting a woman.

He spends 18 years in prison until new DNA evidence clears him of the crime.

But just years later, he’s accused of the brutal murder of another woman.

Did prosecutors have the wrong guy again?

Many fascinated around the world now seem to think so, but jurors did not.

“When there is this kind of horrendous crime, it’s difficult for them to just say, ‘okay or let it go.’ Someone has to be punished,” Nino Tinari, a prominent Philadelphia defense attorney, told Eyewitness News.

Tinari says like many captivated by the series, he too found the state’s case to be problematic.

The very law enforcement agency that was involved in the initial rape and assault investigation played a large role in the murder investigation.

“the best way that could have occurred and there wouldn’t have been any kind of controversy was to exclude the other county, and they didn’t do that,” Tinari explained.

Critics say the series left out incriminating evidence.

In an interview on CBS’s Dr. Phil Show, then-Sheriff Kenneth Petersen maintained the integrity of the investigation, telling Dr. Phil, “he’s exactly where he belongs and he should be there as long as he lives.”

But not everyone is as sure.

“It touches people because they do want fairness and they do want justice and they want to make sure things are done right,” Tinari said.

And many legal experts say even in spite of this attention and uproar that has been created by the series, the chances of Steven Avery getting a new trial are slim and would likely require newly discovered evidence.