PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Comedian Jimmy Failla talked with Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT about a column he wrote comparing the playoff teams in the NFL to the candidates vying to become the next President.

Failla joked that Hillary Clinton has much in common with Tom Brady and the Patriots.

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“The Patriots are Hillary Clinton. They’re favorites to win the whole thing. They’ve been under investigation the whole year long. They don’t really cooperate with the investigation. Tom Brady, it’s so funny, when they first exonerated him from ‘Deflategate I’ got out there and thumped his chest like he’s been innocent the whole time. They guy destroyed two cell phones. How many people do you know with nothing to hide [that] destroy two cell phones? Imagine you wife walks in, you slam your laptop shut and light it on fire, no, there’s nothing going on, hun. Nothing. I wasn’t searching anything inappropriate. No, obviously.”

Failla continued, “Trump is the Redskins. This is where we’re at with this. There are a lot of people out there who are trying to score social media points by being like, ‘Ah, screw the Redskins!’ That’s kind of what Trump is. There is a part of the country where you could get 30 Facebook likes just by saying ‘screw Trump’ or ‘screw the Redskins.’ It’s the same team, but what happened is we got to a point where they had to take the Redskins serious because they made the playoffs. Now, we’re at a point where we have to take the Trump-man serious.”

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He finished off by saying, “Ted Cruz is the Kansas City Chiefs. Killing it in the Midwest, there’s big money on him to win, but if you live on the coast they think you’re nuts for supporting him. I like him, I think he’s got a shot. I think they’re in good shape.”


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