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GLEN MILLS, Pa. (CBS) — The odds of winning the Powerball Jackpot are 1 in 292 million, but some players were trying to increase their odds by buying tickets at a lucky spot in Delaware County.

Some players, like Bob, were new to the lottery game, buying a ticket for the first time.

So what made him decide to jump on board the Powerball bandwagon?

“800-million dollars,” Bob said. “I mean it’s a pretty good driver to get you to come buy a Powerball ticket. And they have a good reputation for winners.”

In fact, D & I Beverages in Glen Mills has sold three tickets worth a million dollars or more since 2012. And now that word is out, store manager Brett Doutre has customers from all over.

“There are people that come from Brookhaven, from Exton, from Downingtown,” Doutre said. “So instead of stopping at their normal corner shop, they want to come to us because they feel like we’re going to have the winners.”

And this lucky store is in a lucky state. Sixteen winning Powerball jackpot tickets have been sold in Pennsylvania. That’s more than any state in the country.

The Powerball jackpot climbed to a record $900 million for Saturday night’s drawing.

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