By Ian Bush

EWING, N.J. (CBS) —  The pregnancy test meets the smartphone, thanks to a Ewing, Mercer County company.

The product hits shelves this spring, but its debut came this past week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The science behind the test hasn’t changed.

“Women would use the stick like they normally use,” said Wendy Bishop with First Response.

And that stick still displays the result.

But so does the Pregnancy Pro Bluetooth-connected app.

“It syncs to an app on a woman’s phone to not only guide her through the test-taking process but also provide her with tons of content and information immediately upon receiving her result,” Bishop said.

If it’s ‘yes,’ the app calculates her estimated due date, suggests questions to ask the doctor, and allows her to share the result with loved ones.

“If a woman was looking to get pregnant but got a ‘no,’ she’d immediately get information on how to track ovulation, tips on fertility and trying to conceive.”

Bishop says the app is also sensitive to a woman who doesn’t want to be pregnant.

It bases its ‘tone’ on the profile she creates when starting the app.