By Pat Loeb

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Philadelphia City Commission re-elected its current chairman, at a meeting this morning, despite a barrage of criticism about his failure to vote or spend time in his office.

The vote was a bit of a surprise because the newly elected Lisa Deeley was expected to get the position.

Election watchdogs, the Committee of 70, and PAC, Philadelphia three-point-0, have been so concerned about Clark’s attendance, they’ve filed a Right to Know request for his work record. 3.0 executive director Alison Perelman says the concerns remain.

“We continue to think that it’s critically important that elected officials satisfy the basic professional obligations of their office and frankly it remains unclear to us that Anthony Clark does that.”

But that didn’t stop the Commission’s republican member Al Schmidt from nominating Clark, over Deeley.

Deeley replaced Stephanie Singer, who was a fresh face four years ago and got the chairmanship, from which she was later ousted. An official at the meeting says Schmidt, without naming Singer, said he didn’t want to repeat the mistakes of four years ago.

Clark then nominated Schmidt for vice-chairman.

The vote for both seats was two to zero. Deeley did not vote.