PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Chris Stigall spoke with political analysts Jason Springer and Colin Hanna during the Monday Morning Matchup on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT about the impact of President Obama’s intentions to issue an executive order expanding background checks on gun purchases on the race for the White House.

Springer, also a Democratic consultant, thinks whatever the President does will make headlines but will have little or no consequences for Hillary Clinton.

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“I certainly think it will become an issue in the presidential campaign. There’s two sides. There’s the political side and the presidential politics and then there’s the governing side from the President. He, obviously, feels he can’t get through what he would like through Congress and that’s the best way for to take action. I don’t think that it’s Hillary’s first choice though. On the one hand, you could say it takes one of the issues, maybe, off the table. I don’t really think so. I just think it creates other issues for her.”

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