By Mark Abrams

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A new poll finds a slim majority favor banning Syrian refugees from coming to this country for now, but not all Muslims.

The survey also revealed concern about the terror threat from within.

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Quinnipiac University’s Polling Institute took the temperature of more than 1,100 registered voters across the country last week – in the wake of the terror attack in San Bernadino and the furor over the refugee question.

Assistant Poll Director Tim Malloy says while voters oppose accepting Syrian refugees by a small majority, party lines show a divide on the question.

“Democrats by a margin of better than 3-1 would accept Syrian refugees, Republicans would ban them 4-1, independents are kind of in the middle. So, there’s a dramatic party difference on this.”

Overall, Malloy says a majority of those surveyed say they would oppose a ban on all Muslims coming into the U.S.

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He says the survey also found deep concern about the potential of a terrorist attack in the country.

“The great concern is not a terrorist from a distant country or an ocean away, but from someone down the block – a homegrown jihadist.”

And, the poll continued to find deep division on new gun controls, but growing support for background checks for purchases at gun shows or online.


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