By Nicole Brewer

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — It turns out that there’s nothing ugly about the bottom line for businesses cashing in on the ugly sweater craze.

If you’re looking to make a festive fashion statement this year, ugly sweaters are hotter than ever.

“All of the sudden, you see it everywhere,” said a shopper, “from the mall to Target to Nordstrom.”

The more repulsive the polyester, the better the buy.

“A flashing nose is good.”

“A lot of flash, a lot of glitter, a lot of twinkling lights.”

“Extra pieces hanging off.”

At a pop-up shop inside the King of Prussia Mall, shoppers could choose from a sweater with an LED fireplace to a sequin gingerbread jacket.

When it comes to this tacky tradition, many say you have to own it.

“You have to be committed fully,” said another shopper.

That kind of dedication has transformed outdated apparel into a multi-million dollar business with retailers embracing the trend from top to bottom.

At the kiosk inside the King of Prussia Mall, shoppers will find hats, pants and ugly sweaters inspired by Star Wars, The Smurfs, Seinfeld and sports teams. The California-based company says it’s on track to sell $5-million worth of ugly stuff, competing with a growing list of retailers, including Macy’s, JC Penney and Target.

Presidential candidates Ted Cruz, Ben Carson and Hillary Clinton are also in on the trend.

And one woman said she’d sport any of the sweaters on display — and not just to an ugly sweater party.

“I think they’re really cute,” she said. “I don’t really think they’re that ugly at all.”

So things could get awkward.

“Sometimes somebody could look at it and to them it’s really nice,” said another.

The bottom line…you have to be careful — because like the sweaters, things could get ugly.