CHERRY HILL, N.J. (CBS) — Today is Super Saturday — also known as Panic Saturday by those who still have a lot of gifts to buy.

Retailers are hoping to cash in on the procrastination of many on the final Saturday before Christmas. Shoppers like Tiffany Strother from Media, Pennsylvania were looking to cross off all of the names from their list in one ambitious trip.

“I am just starting. I’m always last-minute,” Strother said. “That’s the Christmas spirit. I like the people, the last-minute atmosphere. It’s what I do.”

And she wasn’t the only one just getting started.

“I’m going to definitely get it all done. I have a list and a strategy,” said Nancy from Center City. “It’s to get out early before it gets crazy and get home.”

Many malls and stores are accommodating the last-minute holiday shoppers by offering extended hours as Christmas approaches. Kohl’s in Cherry Hill won’t close its doors until Christmas Eve.

Unlike Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Super Saturday is more of a brick and mortar shopping experience, rather than an online routine, as many shoppers don’t want to worry about their gifts being shipped so close to Christmas.