By David Madden

By David Madden

GLASSBORO, N.J., (CBS) — It’s happened again.

Swastikas appearing on the doors of a college dorm at Rowan University.

It’s the second time in a week the hate symbols have shown up inside Chestnut Hall. The latest incident, a week ago, prompted an e-mail blast from the University President saying, in effect, they won’t tolerate this kind of behavior.

“It’s an inclusive and welcoming place for all,” Rabbi Hersh Loschak, co-director of a Jewish center at Rowan, told KYW Newsradio, “and I fear that we have to reclaim that status at our campus and make sure that nothing like this ever happens again.”

Loschak says plans are in the works for a couple events to make their point in the spring. Classes are winding down for the holidays. He also believes University officials are doing all they can to find those responsible. So far, those officials say there are no arrests in the case.