3pm – Rich’s Post Debate Analysis

3:15pm – Rand & Rubio discuss metadata

3:20pm – Carson behind cough during GOP debate

3:50pm – Lindsey Graham: Donald Trump would have ISIL dancing in the streets — they just don’t believe in dancing

3:55pm – Taxi, Uber Black Drivers Block Philadelphia Streets

4pm – Philly.com Contributor John Featherman discussed his article, U-Turn: ‘Ban the Box’ 2.0 will bankrupt Philly.

4:15pm – Mistrial Declared In Officer Porter’s Trial

4:30pm – Gov. Ed Rendell discussed the Republican debate.

4:50pm – The Suits Are Monitoring Rich.

5pm – Jeb throws punches at Donald Trump

5:10pm – Kimmel Asks People About Hitler’s Tweeted Response to Trump

5:20pm – Former Chairman, RNC Former Lt. Gov. Maryland Michael Steele discussed the GOP debate and the mistrial in the Freddie Gray case.

5:30pm – Ron Hosko, former Assistant Director of the FBI and now President of the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund discussed news surrounding the Freddie Gray mistrial.