By David Spunt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) —   Some retailers are really feeling the heat, but that means it could equal savings for you this holiday season.

The typical hot items for cold weather are still on store shelves.

But that could mean extra money in your pocket.

And as the christmas lights inside Macy’s shine bright, some customers aren’t quite feeling in the Christmas mood.

We caught up with shoppers in Center City dressed like they’re on the way to Cape May.

Many customers spotted big sales on winter gear, including normally expensive coats.

We noticed sales 40, 50, sometimes 60% off for winter gear at multiple stores in the area.

Compared to last year, some retailers say the numbers are not good.

But Ethan Nguyen, a retail consultant who runs a pop-up shop on Walnut Street says he’s actually in embracing the warm weather for his business.

“It’s getting people out into the streets and so for us, we are going to adapt to it and we mark down our winter gear. We’re also introducing some of our newer items and lines for the spring,” Nguyen told Eyewitness News.

Some business owners are embracing this mild weather, telling us that equals foot traffic.

But that’s not the case for malls. Some malls around the country have seen a decline in sales because after all, people aren’t rushing to go malls when the weather is nice outside.