PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – By now you’ve heard the health benefits of getting a good night of sleep. Now researchers are finding lack of sleep may lead to an increased risk of obesity.

Researchers explored whether short sleep is linked to more time spent secondary eating or drinking, which is eating or drinking while primarily engaged in another activity, such as watching television.

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The study used subjects ages 21 to 65.

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Researchers say short sleep was associated with an increase of over eight minutes spent secondary eating and an increase of 28.6 minutes spent secondary drinking per day.

On weekends, short sleep was associated with more than 31 minutes of secondary drinking, according to the study.

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Researchers concluded, “We find that short sleep is associated with more time spent in secondary eating and, in particular, secondary drinking. This potentially suggests a pathway from short sleep to increased caloric intake in the form of beverages and distracted eating and thus potential increased obesity risk, although more research is needed.”