3pm – The Leaked Audio of Ted Cruz Which Is Bringing Attacks From Trump (In Context)

3:30pm – Middle School Bans Student’s Star Wars T-Shirt of Stormtrooper Holding a Gun

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4pm – Here’s the Schedule for Tomorrow Night’s CNN Republican Debate

4:10pm – Should children be featured in political ads?

4:20pm – Donald Trump’s doctor just wrote the Trumpiest letter about Trump’s health

4:25pm – SNL‘s Greta Van Susteren Suffers Through Ted Cruz, Chris Christie, and Ben Carson

4:35pm – MSNBC’s Melissa Harris Perry: Star Wars is Racist Because Darth Vader Is a ‘Black Guy’

4:50pm – Actor Steve Schirripa talks the Italian Market, Christmas presents and Blue Bloods.

5:05pm –Buchanan: If I Were In ISIS, I’d Order More Attacks So Trump Wins and ‘The Great War With Islam Is On’

5:11pm –  NYU Prof: ‘Expand the Logic of Terrorism’

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5:20pm – Rich’s mall cop dispute

5:30pm – Glen Macnow discusses the Pete Rose Ban Upheld by Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred.

5:40pm – Washington Post: ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ One of Biggest Lies of 2015







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