3pm – Mayor Michael Nutter on Trump: He needs to apologize

3:30pm – GOP Can’t Win Presidency with Trump and They Can’t Win Without His Supporters

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4pm – Ask The Doctor: Dr. Mazz discussed the reason you need to take your shoes off before entering your homeChipotle’s food safety crisis and  the teen who was allergic to WiFi commits suicide.

4:30pm – Greg Gutfeld discussed the Presidential race, global warming and more.

4:50pm – The 2015 Golden Globe Awards’ Biggest Snubs

5pm – Jan C. Ting, Professor of law at Temple University Beasley School of Law discussed his latest article, Court Rulings Support Trump’s Muslim Immigration Plan.

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5:15pm – Don Lemon sits down with Donald Trump.

5:20pm – Josh Earnest: Donald Trump’s Muslim plan disqualifies him

5:30pm – Donald Trump / Darth Vader mashup is perfect

5:40pm – Say No To Mistletoe

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