By Greg Argos

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) —  A homegrown game is growing in popularity and it’s the brain child of a pair of Philadelphians.

If you can combine the equipment from bocce and the strategy of chess and golf, we will get a game called Stones.

Stones is a collection of five stretches- basically, five mini-golf holes in a way.

The whole concept is to be in nature, throwing balls at a smaller ball and probably most primitive of all games.

Chris and his friend John, thought of the game during a camping trip during 2006.

Originally in this game, they say, you always had to have a beer in your non-throwing hand.

Stones spread like wildfire and leagues are popping up throughout North America.

The pair plan to build a course, using only natural materials from the surrounding area, in Fairmount Park.

They say they will work throughout the the winter and hope to have it open by early spring.