PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Dr. Sebastian Gorka, the National Security Editor at, discussed the mass shooting in San Bernardino, CA, saying work still needs to be done to confirm the shooters we motivated by ISIS or another international terrorist group.

Gorka, speaking Dom Giordano on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, believes the shooters spent a lot of time planning the assault.


“Terrorist attacks do not happen without extensive pre-preparation. For example, In Paris, those attacks would not have occurred unless there were multiple incidences of pre-event surveillance. Will we find out these individuals surveilled the location where the attack [occurred]? Were they preparing over a period of weeks or months? That’s going to be the key for the FBI and the local authorities to separate this from just a psychotic event.”

He said authorities will now begin the investigation for determining their motives.

“The thing that we’re really going to be looking for now is immediately, of course, they start, what they call, sweeping the social media. Instantly the reports came in, and now they are selecting any kind of indication from either of these individual’s social media postings. Did they have an ideological identity that they were broadcasting to the world? For example, sympathetic to the concept of jihad, of holy war, or sympathetic to specific organizations, like ISIS or Al Qaeda.”

Gorka also said he thinks there is significant risk that terrorist attacks start occurring more frequently inside the US.

“We looked at the last 20 months of arrests in America. We have killed or arrested 82 people in America in the last 20 months who are supporters of ISIS and the really disturbing fact is that while 50 percent of them wanted to go to Syria and Iraq to fight jihad over there, 30 percent of them had no intention of leaving America and had decided the best way to serve holy war, to serve the purposes of the new caliphate would be to kill Americans here in America. Exactly the kind of scenario we saw in Paris.”