6:10 The COP21 climate change summit in Paris is underway.

6:21 World leaders dined at an exclusive French restaurant while discussing climate change.

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6:35 What’s Trending: Adele, Pope Francis, Toy Story 4, Amy Schumer, Nutella

6:50 A university president issued a letter saying that school is not a ‘day care’ or ‘safe space.’

7:05 The latest batch of Hillary Clinton emails was released.

7:07 Powerline: Do Hillary’s emails confirm Clinton-Obama emnity?

7:19 Kobe Bryant is retiring.

7:20 The Sixers have hired Jahlil Okafor a security guard.

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7:23 The Roots joked about the Sixers on the Tonight Show.

7:36 Mayor Michael Nutter admits being sad to leave the office next month.

7:39 Eating so clean that you get sick.

7:49 Adele says Sarah Palin played a role in her initial success.

8:18 The Manhattan Institute: ‘Why the Paris climate deal is meaningless.

8:35 What’s Trending: Pirelli Calendar, Batman vs Superman

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8:50 Spike Lee said Donald Trump is like Hitler.