By Jan Carabeo

ROBBINSVILLE, NJ (CBS) — It’s not the North Pole, but the Amazon Fulfillment Center in Mercer County, New Jersey might as well be the next best thing.

“We think of ourselves as Santa’s workshop, and we’re all Santa’s elves for the holiday helping put presents under the tree.”

At Amazon, Cyber Monday is the busiest day of the year.

Amazon customers ordered 43 million items worldwide last year; 500 items a second.

This year, the company expects to break records.

“This site is going to ship almost a million it’s to customers today.”

Fulfilling those orders takes a small army.

The facility in Robbinsville is huge and there’s more than a million square feet of space, just about 28 football fields.

Scott Stanzel, an Amazon spokesperson says, “We have 14 miles of conveyor belts here.” That’s where boxes shoot from one end of the facility to the other.

Thousands of employees and just as many robots work together to get the boxes packed.

Stanzel says, “They bring the shelves and the products to the associates, so they can pick them off the shelves and get them out the door.”

He adds, “It’s a fun time of year to make those holiday dreams come true.”

So the next time you make an Amazon purchase, from movies to electronics, your gift may have been sorted, packed and shipped from Robbinsville.