PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A Vietnamese immigrant group in Philadelphia kick started a new outreach project to give back to the country, they say, helped them survive.

The homeless shelter called ‘Our Brothers Place’ is where about 150 homeless men go for food and a place to sleep at night.
Reginald is one of them.

“To me, it’s a sad and lonely feeling,” he said.

A group called The Greater Philadelphia Vietnamese Community works to give back to a country, their families found safety. Chandat is a member of the group.

“Basically all of our parents came from Vietnam,” Chandat said. “They came straight from the war they escaped.”

And now, they only have one purpose in the Philadelphia area Chandat says.

“To give back to the American community, cause it wouldn’t have been possible for us to even be here, if it wasn’t for the Americans.”

Reginald’s says it is very meaningful and important to him.

“It’s touching, ya know, to see somebody hand up instead of hand out.”