By Mike Dougherty

By Mike Dougherty 

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A small army of volunteers spent their Thanksgiving morning preparing meals for families in need at MANNA’s headquarters in center city.

Two grocery bags containing all of the necessary items for a Thanksgiving feast will be delivered to each family.

MANNA CEO Sue Daugherty says the meals are crafted by chefs and dietitians.

“They receive turkey, stuffing, gravy, the works,” she said. “It is a Thanksgiving meal that any of us would be proud to put on our table.”

More than 300 volunteers help fill and load the bags for delivery. “It really is the highlight of the year,” Daugherty said.

Mayor-elect Jim Kenney says the city depends on organizations like MANNA.

“Because the government can’t do it on it’s own. And charitable endeavors like this make people’s lives better and it makes our community better.”

He believes this is what Thanksgiving is all about.

“It’s just nice to see people helping people. I think these folks and hopefully many others will realize that true happiness comes in service to others.”

This isn’t a one day a year thing for MANNA. Each month, the organization provides more than 65,000 meals for its clients who are suffering from life-threatening illnesses such as cancer and AIDS.

Mike Dougherty