By Chris Stigall

6:00 – Bill O’Reilly grills Donald Trump on Tweet.

6:07 – Ben Carson doubles down from his 9/11 remarks.

6:18 – Pennsylvania State Senate votes to keep property tax.

6:35 – What’s Trending: Alleged Charlie Sheen video surfaces of Sheen doing drugs and having sex with a man, Bill Simmons will join HBO, Golden Girls underwear, New York City implements anti-terror app, Abraham Lincoln bust stolen from Gettysburg Museum.

6:47 – State Department issues travel warning.

6:53 – White House Spokesman Josh Earnest wants you to talk about gun control this Thanksgiving.

7:00 – Chris talks to Ed Turzanski from the Foreign Policy Research Institute about John Kerry’s ISIS statement and Turkey shooting down a Russian fighter jet.

8:03 – Yoga linked to cultural genocide at Canadian college.

8:08 – College campuses have already begun safe space events.

8:20 – Pfizer possibly moving its headquarters to Ireland.

8:35 – What’s Trending: A video of Charlie Sheen has surfaced with him allegedly doing drugs and engaging in sexual acts with another man, a Christmas gift you and your significant other can enjoy, Homeowners Association in Florida wants cats and dogs’ poop DNA tested due to an increase of fecal matter on the property.


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