BERLIN N.J. (CBS) – A local man is risking his own life after stumbling on a Craigslist posting.

It’s an inspiring story of fate and kindness.

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If there’s a single word for what 49-year-old Glen Calderbank is about to do, it’s hard to articulate it.

“I think this is very important,” he says. “So important, I’m risking my life for it.”

Glen is preparing to donate his kidney to a woman who will die without it. Someone who until very recently was a total stranger.

“I can save somebody,” he says.

The fact that Glen has been to the hospital a dozen times in preparation to risk his own life isn’t astonishing. That’s just Glen.

What is surprising is the series of coincidences and dumb luck that brought Glen to Nina.

“Looking on Craigslist it struck my eye,” says Glen. “Somebody was asking for a kidney for their wife.”

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Glen was looking in the material section of Craigslist for his job. The posting he came across was begging for the life of Egg Harbor resident Nina Saria. It was mistakenly placed right in front of him.

“I wasn’t meant to see that,” he says.

Glen responded by asking Nina’s blood type. It was A Positive — a perfect match.

Within a week, Nina was sitting face-to-face with Glen.

“I said ‘look I know I’m a match.’ She said ‘how do you know that?’ I said ‘there’s no way that I saw
your add by accident, we’re the same blood type, and I’m not a match’.”

The only reason her post caught Glen’s eye is because of Jessica — his first wife, first love — who waited two years for a kidney after hers started failing.

Eventually it came from a cadaver. When her body rejected it, she died on dialysis.

Now, four years later, Glen and Jessica have another shot…with Nina.

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“I don’t feel special,” Glen says. “I just feel like somebody had to.”