By Greg Argos

By Greg Argos

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A new caffeinated product has hit the market, and the verdict is out on whether or not it’s completely safe. Steem Peanut butter contains 150mg of caffeine per two tablespoon serving. That’s the equivalent caffeine amount to about two shots of espresso. Its creators say they designed it as a “better hangover cure.”

“This product provides caffeine in a non-traditional way,” said Nyree Dardarian, an assistant clinical professor and registered dietician.

Dardarian says there are some benefits to consuming caffeine for athletes but she’s unsure whether this product is a good idea.

“What it can do for some athletes, not all, is increase their awareness and also decrease their perception of effort,” she explained.

“Another con for this product is it’s a high fat, high calorie source of caffeine, so do we need those calories? Do we need that fat along with caffeine?” she continued.

We spoke with some coffee customers at a local Queen Village coffee shop. They had mixed thoughts on whether or not they would try caffeinated peanut butter.

Veterinarian Dr. Howard Wellens of Queen Village Animal Hospital doesn’t mince words. He says caffeine can be deadly for dogs.

“The concern is (over) accidental (poisoning).  A peanut butter sandwich left somewhere and your little dog gets that. He’s going to have a bad day,” he said.

“This would actually kill and 18 pound dog,” said Wellens, referring to the eight-ounce jar Steem comes in.