PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Conservative columnist and author Michelle Malkin discussed her new book, Sold Out, and her opposition to President Obama’s immigration policies.

Malkin, during an interview with Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, said government officials refuse to do there job by stopping the in-flow of immigrants.

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“These asylum and refugee policies are undergirded by a mentality of cashing in. There’s an entire refugee resettlement racket that I have shed light on for the last two decades. Everything that drives this is exploiting the manufactured crisis that they keep talking about and, of course, you have Obama trying to guilt-trip and shame people who are abiding by the constitutional principles that American sovereignty rests on our public servants guarding our interest first.”

She insists that the risk terrorism and the negative impacts on the economy make immigrants the number one threat to America.

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“It is the perfect storm. That is exactly the question that should be tackled and addressed right now on Capitol Hill. It seems that a lot of the special interest has succeeded in dividing up the attention of Americans and their public servants. It’s inextricably linked. When people sneer that immigration is a single issue and that people have a monomaniacal focus on immigration, immigration touches every aspect of our lives. Cultural, the lack of assimilation of the refugee resettlement programs, of course, has caused not only economic distress but, of course, cultural distress in places like Minnesota, which is now a ISIS breeding ground.”

Malking claims the only way to solve the problems associated with immigration is to stop letting anyone new enter the country.

“They have no way of knowing who gets in, who’s overstayed their visas and how we’re going to make sure that people who don’t belong here are kicked out and stay out. This is why the only thing that makes sense at this point, given where we are with civilizational jihad and its threats from all around the world is that we have a complete moratorium until we get control and where we clean our own house before we offer it to anybody else.”

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