RADNOR TOWNSHIP, Pa. (CBS) —  Only CBS 3 cameras were there as Radnor Police and code inspectors temporarily closed the Seasons Pizza Shop after a worker, Brandy Weldon, was arrested for allegedly possessing marijuana and selling it to undercover officers.

“She would come out, meet our undercovers, do ‘buys’ and go back into the store,” explained Radnor Police Lieutenant Chris Flanagan.

The alleged drug sales, according to one of the undercover officers who asked not to be identified, went on as parents and children stood nearby purchasing food.

“She’s dealing with food that’s going to your and my kids, your and my mom and dad,” the officer stated. “That’s unacceptable.”

The closing, health inspectors explained, was ordered as a precaution because a food handler also allegedly possessed drugs.

Regular customers, showing up for lunch and finding the doors locked, were surprised.

“It’s kinda’ sad they had to close because of that marijuana situation,” Daniela Gomez observed. “But I hope it gets resolved and they open again.”

“We have police and detectives eating here all the time and we’re just absolutely shocked,” stated owner Alex Argain.

Argain, who says he’s invested his life savings in the recently opened business, told me he’s hoping to be back in business soon.

“Of course, we’ll cooperate with everybody to do whatever we have to do to make things right,” he said.

Radnor Police emphasized Argain and his staff have cooperated fully and they say they are optimistic the shop could reopen as soon as Thursday.

Meanwhile, Weldon was remanded to Delaware County prison after being unable to post 10% of $100,000 bail.