By Vittoria Woodill

SHAMONG, N.J. (CBS) —  How do you like your wings? Do you dip them in sauce that’s mild or smoky or hot?

Take your choice in this Taste With Tori at a place called Pic-A-Lilli Inn in Burlington County on the edge of the Wharton State Forest.

A little inn that is definitely worth the drive.

The fryers are sizzling especially on buffalo wing all-you-can-eat night.

“The wings are for a lack of a better word, they’re awesome,” said a dad who drove over from Sicklerville with his family.

“This is my Uncle Donnie who came up with the wing sauce idea and having the wings,” said Bonnie Schneider pointing out her uncle in a family photo.

Schneider is part owner and manager of the restaurant here in Shamong.

In 1927 this place was a luncheonette, a hotel and a courthouse all in one.

The owner, Thomas Snyder, was a justice of the peace.

Snyder’s daughter Lillian and her husband Picket later renamed the place after themselves.

Pic-A-Lilli, get it?

Schneider is their great great grand-daughter and learned the business from her grandfather.

“What I remember was he absolutely loved this business,” said Schneider.  “He loved the people, he loved the area, he loved everything about being here.”

His collection of whiskey bottles full of whiskey is still on display!

“It’s never changed hands,” said Wallace Russell who is Schneider’s uncle. “I’m the fourth generation.”

Wallace Russell lived upstairs as a child and he has watched the business grow.

“We got a lot of help now and I don’t have to move the kegs no more,” he said.

His son, Wally Russell works the fryers, crisping up more wings than a chicken has feathers.

Just how many wings does he make?

“Probably 4,000 pounds a week,” said Wally. “So, yeah it’s a lot of chicken.”

That’s over 22-thousand wings a week!

They’re from kosher chickens raised on a farm in Vineland, New Jersey.

The chicken has a different flavor then a regular non-kosher chicken he told us.

“I think it’s because they’re soaked in salt,” said Wally. “I think it’s a sweeter chicken.”

The wings are finger-licking good.

And the sauce flavors are key.

There’s honey and hot, garlic parmesan, smoker, hot, mild, and barbecue flavored sauces.

And these wings are actually a wing with a drum stick still attached!

And they are super crispy.

Here at Pic-A-Lilli’s they’ll buffalo just about anything including shrimp and even scallops!

CBS3 viewer Maryanne Corsini told Vittoria about this place on Facebook.

Besides being the “King Of The Wings” as stated on their menu, they have steaks, burgers and a lot more.

They even have birch beer on tap.

Schneider says this is a place to bring the whole family.

“We always have freeze pops for the kids, we always have coloring books,” she says. “I always tell everybody we love to start them young.”

All you can eat wings night is every Wednesday.

For $9.95 you can practice for Wing Bowl.

And by the way, in a week, Pic-A-Lilli’s makes more than twice the number of wings they have at Wing Bbowl in February.

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Vittoria Woodill