By Andrew Kramer

OAKS, Pa. (CBS) – Does your child want to be an astronaut when they grow up? Or maybe a scientist?

Whatever their ambitions are, an event is coming to the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center to kick off the new year that will surely inspire them.

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“The Young Innovators Fair is a massive K-12 science and technology event,” co-founder Gabe Young says. “It’s STEAM inspired for the masses of these kids that come to the show and get motivated to do more things in science, technology, engineering, arts and math.”

Young says he got the idea to start this event after bringing his son to a young engineers night at a high school:

“I was blown away by what was happening there. It didn’t take long for me to realize that we could do something on a very grand scale. I was so excited about what my son was really into, I knew that as a father I could give him more if I could bring him to a show where he could get this hands-on experience.”


Young Innovators Fair co-founder Gabe Young. (Credit Andrew Kramer)

Young Innovators Fair co-founder Gabe Young. (Credit Andrew Kramer)


So the Young Innovators Fair was created for parents to see what their kids latch on to so they can help guide them.

Within the fair are ten different worlds that Young says will amaze you:

“We have a place called Builders Boulevard which is the engineering and construction world. We have Pilots Pad which is the air and space world. We have Biologists Bay, Numbers Nation…”

There’s also Hackers Hideout for technology lovers, Robots Retreat featuring the first LEGO League, dancing robots and the chance to program robots, and much more.


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In addition to all the worlds, there will be three stages featuring acts from the Kimmel Center, a Google Science Fair winner, a seven-year-old coding prodigy and the leading content creator for Khan Academy. The Girls Scouts will also be showcasing the amazing things they do.

Young says the show is designed for ages 5-18 and will feature something for everyone:

“Things like triceratops skull, the most set of skeleton for the mussaurus, there’s going to be an Apollo capsule and astronaut, so there are things that are geared toward younger, kids, older kids.”

Young adds this is a great opportunity for parents to do something educational with their kids, without even letting them know.

The event begins at 9 a.m. Saturday January 2 and Sunday January 3.

For tickets and information visit the Young Innovators Fair website. You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.

To get a discount on your tickets, use the promo code KYWFIVE.

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