By Greg Argos

TOWNSEND, Del. (CBS) — It took more than two months, but a rogue emu has been captured in Townsend, Delaware.

Only CBS3 cameras were there as the six foot bird, who those living in the area nicknamed “Eddie” was captured.

“I’ve seen on the news that there was an emu on the loose, but I didn’t suspect it was around here,” said Tom Curley.

Eddie was captured in the woods behind his yard.

The unwelcome guest showed up at a nearby Odessa, Delaware farm at least 66 days ago.

Delaware Department of Agriculture officials called nearby emu farms but were unable to find an owner.

“He’s been here probably three months,” said Lea Hutchins, who owns the 1000 acre farm Eddie was roaming.

“What has he been doing?” asked CBS3 reporter Greg Argos.

“Nothing. Eating corn,” she replied.

But those living in the area became fascinated with Eddie. Some drivers stopped on the two-lane road with no shoulder to try taking a selfie with Eddie.

“(A nearby school) had a soft lockdown where they kept the kids in from playing outside because of the State (Police) presence in trying to keep the traffic moving,” recalled Hutchins.

After the Department of Agriculture said police could shoot Eddie if he posed a public safety threat, Hutchins said the situation got out of control.

“(Someone) pulled along side the road and shot at him,” she said.

Employees from a Clayton, Delaware petting zoo were able to track down Eddie and capture him safely. He was transported to a nearby farm to be examined and will be put up for adoption.