By Greg Argos

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) –  Detectives arrested two men in the carjacking and kidnapping of the female inside of a Pennsylvania Hospital parking garage.

Shortly before 6 Wednesday morning, Central Detectives say a woman was carjacked and kidnapped at the Center City parking garage, operated by the hospital.

Minutes later, her blue car pulls up to a gas station in Kensington. Behind the wheel the suspect and victim both get out.

Twenty-five-year old Manveer Komer is at the counter.

The suspect waves at him, but Komer is suspicious.

“I’m looking. No boyfriend and girlfriend. Yeah. I’m looking. [She’s] very nervous. [She] swipes the card,” Komer said.

The man tries getting the victim to take money out of the ATM but it doesn’t work.  So the two then walk to the counter where the suspect uses the woman’s credit card to buy a pack of cigarettes.

“This is my ID. This is my girlfriend’s ID,” Komer said.

Greg Argos: ‘So he was calling her his girlfriend?’

“Yeah, yeah,” Komer said.

He then tries leaving with the woman, but Komer leaves the counter and keeps the woman behind him.

“You come behind my back. I help you. No problem,” he told the woman.

And holding onto this Indian bangle,  a good luck charm, he follows the suspect out and tells him to leave.

“This is my safety. This is my customers’ safety altogether,” Komer said.

That man drives off with her car and her phone.

Komer goes back inside and gives the upset victim some water before police arrive.

“I’m good. I’m here to help you,” he told the victim.

Police were able to find the suspect by tracking the woman’s phone.

He and another man who was in the car when police arrived were both arrested,

The victim was uninjured during the ordeal.