Chris reviewed last night’s Republican presidential debate, protests in Center City demanding a raise to the minimum wage, and a ruling in New York halting daily fantasy sports sites. He talked with politcal analyst John Hayward from Breitbart to analyze the debate, and Tom McGrath about raising the minimum wage.

6:00 Republicans held their fourth presidential debate last night on the FOX Business Network.

6:19 Chris talks with John Hayward from Breitbart to analyze the Republican presidential debate.

6:35 What’s Trending: CBS 3, Marco Rubio, Ken Jennings

6:53 New York has halted daily fantasy sports sites from taking entries.

7:05 Demonstrators marched in Center City demanding $15/hour minimum wage.

7:39 History teacher under fire for wearing a costume including a noose.

7:50 Attorneys for Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane said she made an honest mistake when leaking information about grand jury testimony.

7:53 The compromise to end Pennsylvania’s budget impasse would give Pennsylvania the second highest sales tax in the country.

8:00 Chris talks with Tom McGrath from Philadelphia Magazine about ThinkFest and raising the minimum wage.

8:20 Chris talks with Eileen McDonnell and Andy McInerney from Penn Mutual in Horsham, who are sponsoring today’s Veterans Day broadcast.

8:35 What’s Trending: Finding Dory, Adele disses Bey, Shia Labeouf

8:51 Hillary Clinton under fire for laughing at remark about Carly Fiorina.