3pm – Hillary Clinton laughs at ‘strangling’ Carly Fiorina comment.

3:25pm – Fox Business Republican pre-debate analysis.

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3:30pm –  Jeb Bush asked, if you could travel back in time to kill Hitler, would you?

3:50pm – Hillary Clinton is running for President to avoid going to jail.

3:55pm – Herman Cain defends Ben Carson.

4pm – Yale Halloween advice sparks controversy.

4:20pm – The Starbucks controversy is pointless..

4:35pm – Woman sentenced for man’s death after penis enlargement.

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4:50pm – Spaceship Santa is coming to a mall near you.

4:55pm – Attorney General Kane facing more charges.

5pm – Western Illinois University predicts the next President of the United States. 

5:20pm – Joe Cohn, FIRE’s Legislative and Policy Director, discussed the latest regarding the protests at University of Missouri and free speech on college campuses.

5:50pm – South Park tackles Safe Space.


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