PHILADELPHIA (CBS) —  Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell was in Philadelphia as part of a whirlwind tour of the country to promote the latest enrollment round for the Affordable Care Act.

Burwell visited a Frankford health center where folks were signing up for Obamacare. People like Anna Rijos, who recently lost her job.
“November will be my last month with insurance.  So I need to look for affordable insurance in the market,” she said.

Burwell also met with so-called stakeholders who will help carry out the Administration’s agenda for the third wave of enrollments.

“Trusted voices are what people want to hear about this very personal issue. And whether it’s the ministers that were part of this group or health centers like the one I’m currently in, that’s how people hear and get their information, from the communities they trust.”

The health secretary will be on the road for the next three months, encouraging states to sign up more than 10 million uninsured Americans who are eligible for Obamacare. In the Philadelphia area, there are 178 thousand people who qualify.

The Administration is touting the programs affordability and tax credits that offset rising premiums.

The Philadelphia stakeholders will be competing with other cities.
Burwell will be on the road for the next three months and has acknowledged that the third enrollment period for Obamacare will be the toughest.

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