PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Cable News Host Lou Dobbs criticized CNBC for their handling of last week’s Republican presidential debate, calling it shallow and unprofessional.

Dobbs, during an interview on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT with Dom Giordano, said the tone of the moderators really surprised him.

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“I was stunned. I know I should say I should’ve expected this or whatever but I really was stunned with the antagonism, the unprofessionalism, the sheer, unvarnished partisanship and the immense shallowness of it all. If it led anywhere, I could’ve gotten it but they just wanted to come out and call people names and insult them.”

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He praised the candidates for their responses and gave them credit for seizing the opportunity to call out what he saw as political bias.

“I do think they gave the Republican candidates a great opportunity to respond. I don’t think anyone responded better than Ted Cruz. He chose that moment to just really lambaste the moderators for being ignorant. Each of the candidates, nearly all of them, made it very clear that they felt above that and would insist on better treatment.”

Dobbs thinks the purpose of the debates should be revelations about each candidates governing philosophy rather than attacks from the moderators or each other.

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“I think it’s important for the audience to get, at least as best one can in a short amount of time, an understanding of what they’re actually proposing, what balances they’re trying to achieve as between taxation on capital and labor, what will be the impact on fiscal deficits that have been running for 40 years in this country and first, before how, is it indeed possible to reduce our national debt that is approaching, as Donald Trump constantly reminds us, $19 Trillion.”