CHESTER, Pa., (CBS) — An abused pit bull, found near death on a Chester street, is alive and, hopefully, will fully recover, thanks to the actions of Chester Police Officer Robert Ticknor and Justice Rescue Humane Officer Russell “Wolf” Harper.

The heartbreaking story unfolded a week ago, when Officer Ticknor, responding to a call, found the badly wounded pit bull near 6th and Caldwell. Officer Ticknor comforted the dog for an hour, until Harper arrived, racing the Pit Bull to a veterinary hospital and, as he did, giving the unidentified dog a name-Remi.

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“He was coughing,” Officer Harper told CBS 3’s Walt Hunter,” and I didn’t want him to die without a name.”

Fortunately, doctors and nurses at the Keystone Veterinary Emergency facility in Havertown, after administering antibiotics and suturing numerous wounds were able to stabilize Remi and it’s now hoped he will survive and recover, although Harper told Hunter it was a very close call.

“He had multiple bites and wounds,” Harper explained, “he was so cold, his temperature didn’t even register and his heartbeat didn’t register on the machine.”

Officials are Justice Rescue believe that Remi, at age one and half, outlived his usefulness to vicious dog fight promoters due to his injuries and so, badly injured, he was abandoned on the street and left to die.

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They are offering a $2,500 reward for arrests of the suspects. If you have information, please call Justice Rescue at 215-942-6363 or email with tips.

Meanwhile, Remi’s story has spread worldwide with Facebook postings. The injured dog, who was starved, weighing 16 pounds under his normal weight, now is getting lots of food and love.

“He woke up to love.” Harper concluded, “he was alive, but when he work up from recovery, all he saw was love here.”

You can follow Remi on the Justice Humane Society page on Facebook.

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